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Electrical Technician (Tools Included)

This course provides an intensive overview of electrical maintenance. You will learn the skills needed to work as an electrical technician, including math, inspection, safety, quality, electrical systems, automation, motor controls, and assembly.

$2,845.00 (USD)


Electricity is quite possibly the most important source of power. Electricity powers your computer, drives the machines and tools in a manufacturing shop, and lights the facilities in which people work. To maintain all this electrical equipment, electrical professionals must understand the fundamentals of electricity and the components used to generate, control, and store it. If you are looking for a stable career that is important in the everyday lives of people around you, this course could be just right for you.

This electrical technician training course provides you with an intensive overview of the skills necessary for electrical maintenance, including math, inspection, safety, quality, electrical systems, automation, motor controls, and assembly. You will be introduced to key concepts such as Six Sigma, Lean, and Kaizen, and more so you can launch a successful career in manufacturing. You will also be provided with your own 20-piece tool carrier from IDEAL Electrical, featuring pliers, screwdrivers, specialty hand tools, wire strippers, and electrical testers—all included with your course registration.

Get started in this accelerated online course today and begin your career as an electrical technician!







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