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Certified Professional Medical Auditor (Voucher Included)

CPMA teaches principles of medical auditing and prepares you for the CPMA certification exam.

Certified Professional Medical Auditor
$1,795.00 (USD)


This online training course covers medical record standards and documentation guidelines allowing them to confidently communicate with providers. Coding and documentation compliance are key to a successful practice. This course arms the certified medical auditor with information to assist with improvements in the practice's documentation compliance. Coding and reimbursement concepts assist in a smooth work flow from scheduling the patient visit to the practice being paid for the visit. Understanding these concepts reduce overhead and reduce turnaround time for payment of services, thereby increasing the financial well-being of a practice. Medical record abstraction helps identify risk areas to a practice. Understanding what a provider documents and what will improve the provider's documentation are key to compliance.

Learning how to communicate information back to a provider improves this process. Understanding audit scope and statistical sampling methods and category risk analysis help identify where a compliance office can focus and receive the most benefit from audits. This course prepares an experienced coder to improve the financial well-being as well as the compliance of provider practices. Upon completion of this course you will be prepared for the AAPC Certified Professional Medical Auditor (CPMA®) exam. The registration fee for the exam, AAPC membership, and CPMA practice exams are included with this course.







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