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AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator (Voucher Included)

You will learn to manage Azure subscriptions and resources, implement and manage storage, deploy and manage virtual machines (VMs), configure and manage virtual networks, and manage identities.

$2,095.00 (USD)


The Microsoft Azure Administrator course is intended for those who are either looking to gain more knowledge about administering Azure cloud services, security, networking, and compute cloud abilities or who are looking to pass the AZ-104 exam and complete their Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator certification.

You will learn to Implement access management with Azure users, groups, and role-based access control. This is in addition to creating Windows virtual machines in the Azure Portal, with Azure PowerShell, or using ARM Templates. You will also implement Azure Active Directory, Self-Service Password Reset, Azure AD Identity Protection, and integrated SaaS applications, understand virtual networking components, IP addressing, network routing options, and much more.

Furthermore, you will learn to use Azure Monitor to configure Azure alerts and review the Azure Activity Log, explain virtual machine usage cases, storage options, pricing, operating systems, networking capabilities, and general planning considerations. You will also discover how to optimize your use of Azure tools like the Azure portal, Azure PowerShell, Cloud Shell, and the Azure CLI.

By course completion, you will have the AZ-104 training needed to sit for the AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator Exam. This course offers enrollment with a voucher. The voucher is prepaid access to sit for the certifying exam upon eligibility.







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